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Home Care Nursing

Home Care Nursing
Nursing is a noble profession in medical field. QC India Group (QC India) is a service oriented qualified nurse's organization to give nursing care to the disabled, old age, bedridden and critically ill patients in their residence. QC India Group (QC India)  is a registered organization in Faridabad.  
Our team of professional nursing staff can assist you or your loved ones recover at home following a recent hospital stay, convalescent care, Old age, or a new diagnosis. Their expert knowledge includes acute and chronic disease management, including diabetes, heart failure, lung diseases, infections, cancer, post surgical recovery, or other conditions such as urinary, neurological, muscular ailment

Our nurses are experts in the management of patient care in the home. After a comprehensive evaluation, an individualized plan of care is developed with the patient and their physician.

We provide Medical/Non-Medical Home Health Care to all age groups, old age, bedridden and critically ill patients. “QC India Group (QC India)” provides the foundation To Guarantee “Compassionate Care From The Heart” to our patients. Our team will develop your Plan of Care jointly with your health care team. We provide our Supplemental Staffing to all healthcare facilities.

Aim's / Objectives

 1). Nurse India Guide provides nursing care to the disabled, old age, bedridden and critically ill patient's in your home. 

2). Providing professionally nursing care at door step of the patient. 

3). Fearless satisfactory health environment to the patient and relatives in their ill    health at their home. 

4). To avoid extra unnecessary expenses and hospitalization. 

5). Providing health awareness and health education to patient, family and society.

6). We will provide helping hand to economical backward and old age people in the society.

7). We are planning to open a old age home in future. 

Our Specialty.

 1). All our staff's professionally qualified, experienced and registered Nurses in State Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council.    

2). We provide qualified nursing staff around the clock for homecare or as per your convenience 

3). We provide home nursing care around the clock to disabled, old age and bedridden patients. 

4). We provide professionally, quality, and safe nursing care at your door step 

5). We provide Nursing care as per your doctor's instruction and advice. 

6). Our expert qualified team make a nursing care plan to each patient and supervising the staff around the clock. 

7). Our admin and supervising team is highly qualified, experienced and internationally experienced. 

8). In critical condition we provide timely help like ambulance, hospitalization and doctor. 

9). We also undertake to provide all type paramedical staff service to your door step. 

10). We provide health awareness and health education to patient, family and society.

Skilled Nursing Care and Assistance Services  
Our Registered Nurses (RNs) and provide a full range of skilled nursing services, to include but not limited to: initial assessments, preparation of the Plan of Care, and re-assessments as merited to maintain a current Plan of Care. Our skilled nursing personnel take required samples for lab tests; provide wound dressing changes, nutritional counseling and medication training.

We provide custodial care and assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These can include assistance with bathing, dressing, walking as well as medications and personal care depending on state regulations.  

Nursing care can include
Evaluation and close monitoring of a condition for improvement or decline
Assistance with medication management
Treatments, such as wound care or dressings
Blood draws for evaluation and treatment of an illness
Post surgical care and recovery
Education to patient or their loved ones related to the diagnosis
Care and maintenance of catheters, tubes such as urinary catheters, feeding tubes, or IV’s
Home safety evaluation and adaptation of the home environment.

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